Why I Split The World In Half…

►Why I Split The World In Half…
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How i stole max hearts/infinite hearts on this minecraft smp to get vengeance, this was using lifestealing every hearts on this smp using traps on your friends in minecraft, this is corresponding to the Lifesteal SMP wherein we do the Why I Burned The World to get over 100 wardens in full netherite and get vengeance on our friends by fooling them with a real life netherite wardens in minecraft

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  1. which side would you choose?

  2. i love this youtuber because he faked the starts:P

  3. not you trapping them at the end 🤣 your storytelling never disappoints!

  4. Until they break the pressure plate

  5. the cat’s name kind of reminds me of the cartoon bluey

  6. I see your tricks quiff.

  7. Bro you must know what your name sounds like

  8. Hahaha 🤣😂😆😅 very iconic you’re using that term? From the 1978 horror movie from I spit on your grave!

  9. Looks like they forgot to use power of mining blocks 😂Btw love ur videos!❤

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