Why I REJECTED Lil Nas X Nike “Satan Shoes” FOR FREE… (The Truth)

Today on QrewKicks and Coffee we discuss the VERY contentious Lil Nas X Satan Shoes and why I spurned getting them for free to unbox on my youtube. We in addition talk about Nike sues the maker MSCHF of Lil Nas X ‘Satan Shoes’ for brandmark violation

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  1. Omg imagine not picking a Satan shoe but supporting a company that exploit and enslaved thousands of people cause is my morals first, pathetic 😭 corny ass men

  2. Satan has never looked so uncool

  3. My respect to this guy! Got my follow.

  4. I am just saying that I’m a Muslim and if I had the shoe, I literally would not feel good and would feel like I’m not a good guy for my religion😳😳

  5. Y’all know Satan’s made up, right?

    • John is Disappointed

      Most does, but dont forget that Satan represents all of the evil in humanity. Simply saying Satan not real won’t help. This is defamation of a company in the business perspective

  6. Lit trandemaker Jovy

    This idiot is religious af like every other low iq religitard

  7. I boycott Nike

  8. Y’all can have a Jesus shoes but we can’t have a satan shoe😂🤦🏽it’s a fucking shoe, your not going to hell for having it.

  9. Just the fact wat he’s leading the younger generation down hill and into a demonic future because hes a sale out and sold his soul he’s gonna go all out … I appreciate you rejecting this review

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