Why I Left Japan

and why I am staying 🙂
I’m joyful to have two places I can call home


  1. The resentment is probably a side effect of focusing so hard on your life in Japan and the fact you didn’t have the option to go back made it more ingrained. It’s the same with anything the mind does where it convinced itself of something it believes to be true. Nothing wrong or abnormal I honestly have it with my job here in the States driving OTR. I get so used to being on the road that when I get home It doesn’t feel right. My recommendation is make more calls or emails to keep NV in the front of your mind going forward and it will help keep the feelings at bay, probably won’t stop them but it will definitely help.

  2. I understand this, I just finished University and soon to move back home from the city I studied in. There is bittersweetness in the evolutions we take but they are all part of the journey!

  3. I am one of those old guys. My experience was when I was stationed in Okinawa. I was all of 19 years old. I met a girl there and although it took some time to communicate but we managed. To the point I extended my tour. We had a year together. With her I got to learn all the cultures of how another country has to deal with. The beauty of it all. I had nothing in the US, my family was so dysfunctional. My emotions really played havoc with me. I didn’t want to come home yet I knew the military would not give me any more extensions. I thought about marrying her; but I wondered is it fair to either one of us. Putting her and her family through the Red Tape of Investigations. She took me to the area were she lived, but because her Father hated Americans from the WWII. I get it no more than we have Anericans who hate Japanese. To this day I still wonder about my decision. I am sure we have both moved on. But if I could only tell her how Sorry I am. John Lennon in his song “Imagine” sums it all up. If this old man now in his 70s could give you any advice go with your heart not how old you are wondering am I doing this because I am turning 30. Yes Japan is your roots, but you have to at some point in your life and you have a long life ahead of you what makes you happy and fulfilled. For me she will always have a part of life.

    Good luck, Semper Fi

  4. GIRL.. I had the same problem when I moved to a different town and came back for a visit my family (and i only moved 2-3 hours away).
    Its the realization that you’re now an adult, opened a new chapter in your life, the stress of all the new things being by yourself out in the world.. Then when you go back it feels like so much has changed but its just life that keeps going even when you’re not there to experience it.

  5. Sophia KayLeigh Corona

    Wow! I live in vegas too! I’m glad you can feel better being back home!

  6. One day when I’m in my 20’s, imma come back to this video and also find myself reflecting.
    Happy new year Aki!

  7. This made me tear up. I’m only 20, and I’ve been feeling the same things lately. Thank you for sharing this Aki.

  8. this is absolutely just one comment in a sea of literally 1500 other ones but

    as someone who also just turned thirty (hey high fiveeeee)
    as someone who also just came back to their new home after visiting their old one for the holidays, and in many ways resetting a journey i began a year ago after moving very abruptly to accept my dream job that took me far, far from home on very little notice
    as someone who is just as overcome with saudade as you are
    as someone who also feels very strongly torn between the identity of who they were and who they’re becoming, as someone who’s transitioned into being a more true self since that move

    i see you, girl. T_T i raise my drink to you, to both of us, and especially to my friend who’s been living in japan for the last 8 years who posted your video along with the quote: ““No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”

    three cheers to all of us for being deeply in our feels, and to continuing to grow while experiencing them

  9. Where is Joey? This because the of?

  10. I turned 28 a few months ago and it has been constant, anxiety and depression. I’ve felt the stranglehold of finding my place in life after graduating, especially off the muscle of the last 11 years being hard. I’m ready to leave but the fear of not being there for my parents has been hard.

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