Why I hid my being pregnant..



  1. She’s always trending ❤🎉

  2. Claudia Gonzalez

    God bless 🤍🤍🤍

  3. Beautifull pregnant💜🙏

  4. I think its a boy congrats 😇💙💙💙💙💙

  5. Yo sabia que estabas embarazada 😆 xq no te mostrabas solo tu cara

  6. ❤❤❤ we are all so happy for you guys and cannot wait to see this Blessing of a baby 💙💜. I had a unplanned baby 7 months ago and didn’t find out the sex until born day!!! It was the most beautiful surprise ever!!! I encourage anyone that is expecting to wait until the day of it was the best and I already had two other children which I found out but this time I SAID IT WAS A SURPRISE SO LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY!!! ❤🎉

  7. I’ve never been more happy for someone then I am for you both. You both deserve this more then anything, may god continue to bless you both, Briancito, and your new one. I love you both so much ❤️

    Just remember, you both don’t owe nobody or any of us an explanation for choosing to keep your pregnancy hidden.
    Maya you’re absolutely stunning and glowing. ❤

  8. Seeing you be so excited to be pregnant made me want to cry I can’t wait to see this journey and so happy for you, Bryan and bryancito and baby

  9. Gutierrez Gutierrez


  10. OMG! This title made me smile so BIG ! Sooo happy for your family ❤ GOD BLESS!

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