Why I have not been uploading… (Orochon S #2 Ramen Challenge)

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Today’s challenge is Personal…
Over 1 decade ago this challenge put me on the floor. Each time I’m in LA, I relive the excruciating reminiscence.
It is time to change the history books..

The Orochon Special #2 Challenge, at Orochon Raman in downtown LA! Undoubtedly one of the Spiciest Challenge around. a half-hour to finish the bowl, or go down in flames…


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 28519
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Music and Sound Effects from Video CoPilot’s “Proscores” & “Design Studio FX”
Music from Epidemic Sounds


  1. Wulf Williamson

    you need a stonie bowl in Louisiana homie

  2. Food KING

  3. baraiya jaydip

    Try Indian food challenge

  4. Chris W. Moore

    I hope you don’t get cancer for eating spicy foods for to have alsures matt megatoad stonie ?

  5. That soup spoon is new. When I did it 8 yrs ago, I didn’t get a spoon, just a pic on the wall.

  6. dang,the spiciness is no joke gald you can manage to finish also shout out to mogan for managing to do the challenge

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