Why I had to leave…

0:00 – overly sappy intro
4:17 – where we left off
7:16 – the tale of the stairs
12:15 – THE head injury that was fully my fault
17:04 – manufacturing persists
20:14 – a love letter to my residence

If you are perusing this remark “when is barnchella “


  1. this is the best day ever 🥹 I love you all so so much 💗

    ALSO my fav ever kalel had me on her podcast that went up today. :,) come hang out with us https://youtu.be/csSk71ZP88g

  2. AllinkedUp Always

    I just adore you Morgan

  3. I’ve been watching you since day one^^ I’m happy for you, Ms. I can’t express how happy I am for you^^ what a journey…

  4. So can Morgan and Lucas just be together already? Lol love them

  5. Thomais Nikolaidu

    You’ve really met some good people here Morgan, I hope everything goes well. Good luck! 💘

  6. Glam, but first coffee

    The proof of why we need to ask men for advice or at least be accountable for our actions and what we do lol 😀 Spend this time and headache to just sell it? Wasnt it your dream? I feel like modern women do not know what they want at all because they go so far from their natural purpose in life!

  7. I love you so much.

  8. Morgan: very important life advice: Not every guy who’s just basic friendly also getting paid by you is your future husband 😂

  9. Ahh this was best vlog ever and I love the crew and Lucas is a gem 💎

  10. I love this so much for you 😭❤️ I relate so much to the last part & im so happy you have found this happiness 🥹

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