Japanese TV is beloved globally. But is it truly as good as folks think it is? I recount my three most awkward experiences on Japanese Television and reveal my reasons for why I avoid watching it.

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  1. Abroad in Japan

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don’t say this is a pen. In fact, just don’t use the letter p from now on.
    This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video!
    Also, the video starts at 09:30…

    • Pen this is

    • you forgot the most important thing in Japanese tv the ads

    • 100% rant, vaguely disguised as something more informative more like…Japanese TV is not half as bad as you have protrayed it, and the reactions in the shows you discussed have more to do with kawaii culture, and the nature of not standing out against a crowd than anything. Shame you never really went deeper, in what was an almost 20min video. You could have expanded a bit on the effect of the news media in Japanese culture or the control of the media in general by the Japanese government, or maybe even point out of some of the great comedy shows which are on TV here in Japan. Ironically, by missing out on an opportunity to stand out from the crowd in the focus of your video, you have just conformed to the traditional Japan bashing gaijin sterotype, and tend remind me of a homesick gaijin moaning at the end of their local gaijin pub, at 1am on a Saturday night, about how much better their culture is than Japan…*yawn*

    • More like a Foreigner experiencing Culture Shock and surprise a tv company directing a person to drive a narrative a particular way.

    • Chris. U got this spot on. My wife is Japanese and she loves Japanese TV. I think it’s a massive caricature and just panders to everyone saying oishi . It’s really annoying. I’m glad it’s not just me that hates Japanese TV. But maybe it’s a cultural thing and us Brits are used to being blunt .

  2. 3:00 They should have tried with the explosive Spanish RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  3. So basically Japanese TV is pure propaganda. Ugh

  4. If you think Japanese tv shows are bad you should check out Philippineo tv shows they are really hard to watch I was in the Philippines for awhile.

  5. Well there actually are like 1 or 2 times in the UK kitchen Knightmares where he loved the food.

  6. They Invest there time in Anime 😂😂

  7. I find the camera/film, shooting angles, and editing to be a bit out dated. It’s makes everything look poor quality, poor acting etc. But despite this I still watch things like the current asadora, and some dramas. Not as great as Kdramas but some are ok.

  8. I find it somewhat amusing to see certain programs, knowing the staging involved. It reality tv, japan version.

  9. OMG! It worked and it looks so fantastic!!! I watched your livestream when you talked about how you’d use your miniature set and I was like that’s a great idea! But in comparison to what I thought in my head about what it’d look like and how it actually turned out it’s so awesome!!!

  10. Japan: I have a pen
    Also Japan: KORE WA PEN DESU

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