Why I Bought the iPhone 15 Pro Max…

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is now available to preorder and I want to tell you why I bought one and why I think this is truly one of the first iPhones without compromise. I’ll also go over what features I’m excited for, the color I ordered, and the exact configuration for my iPhone 15 Pro Max model.


  1. Those iPhone Preorders were stressful this year 😅

    • Miss the days where it drops in a store. Not new phone a year turns into an event, announcement, pre order date announcement, pre order date, ship date, receive date seems dumb

    • I was staying awake for it feel asleep 5 mins before the pre-order started and woke up 30 mins after lucky I got one

    • Ordered my 15 Pro Max this morning! Going from a 13 to a 15. Looking forward to the camera features and the black titanium finish!

    • Bro can you please give me an IPhone🙇💞😅

    • @John Alter First Iphone, as a Android Custom Rom Modder with all the freedom to modify android OS, when I bought the 13 Pro Max, I then bought the 14 Pro Max and now the 15 Pro Max and I cannot look back.

      I am loving Apple, I truly can say you will not be dissapointed as the 14 Pro Max was also amazing! 😀

  2. You are an absolute fool to purchase this phone and the very reason that Apple gets away with putting out sub standard products. You’re buying the hardware equivalent of a 2021 android, lolol.

  3. Apple always Behind, same 48 mp, same 4K video, same dinamic island, same 3 cameras, same exact phone yet people buy the same phone different year

  4. Still rocking my 8 plus 😂

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Upgraded from my 11 Pro Max to the 15 Pro Max in Black. My main reason for upgrading is my 11 Pro Max’s battery life is shot after 4 years of heavy usage. Can’t wait to get this new one in the mail!

  6. Tell Apple to add the “gesture” feature to take selfies that Android uses. The hey Siri take selfie doesn’t work it just opens the camera and the timer Apple uses is old fashioned and not user friendly.

    The open hand gesture works great and Apple should copy this

  7. I literally just bought a 14 pro max two weeks ago and now this came out😭

  8. Ordered the pro max and 15 my first ever flag ship and one for the old man as a prrsent

  9. I have a 13 pro max but ordered the 15 pro. The max is too big and heavy. Hard to use with one hand.
    My father will get the 13 pro max to replace his iPhone X.

  10. The titanium looks taupe or tan in certain light

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