Why Harry wore tampons as a child


#Shorts #Sidemen


  1. The Panic! System

    as a person who was assigned female at birth and has a period..”tampon pad” really confused me for a second. (this is obviously a joke)

  2. BladeSpark Studios

    I’m just going to start off with… pads and tampons are Two different things. Alright thank you I bid you good day

  3. Man means diapers

  4. Harry does know that ‘Diapers’ are a thing right??

  5. I can’t watch this cuz my youtube broke 😐

  6. Pad 🤣 if he had tampons that would of next 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Ooh diapers?

  8. Tampons and pads are two different products

  9. The tampon bois

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