Why do not Americans use electrical kettles?

It is not truly a mystery.

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  1. Technology Connections

    In reworking this script, I deleted a section which I realize I probably shouldn’t have;

    *Coffee makers.* That’s what we use. And since they’ll make hot water, too (so long as you don’t put coffee in them) many people will also use them for making other hot beverages. Some coffee makers are better than others for that, though. I would imagine that as soon as the percolator became popular, we got hooked on coffee and never went back. Also;

    Microwaves. That also works! It seems to offend the more British among you (and some other folks get freaked out by the slim possibility of superheated water) but if you want a single cup of tea, nuking a mug full of water for about two minutes will in fact bring it to a boil. Energy is energy, and water is water!

    • Now do Jet boil.

    • David Lauridsen

      Saw this after I added my microwave rant below. I have no earthly idea how someone can argue that microwaved water tastes differently than water heated/boiled some other way. I suspect that is some flavor of confirmation bias / cognitive bias / placebo effect. But I challenge, nay, I DARE someone to do a true double blinded study to test whether there is a detectable difference. (My hypothesis is that there is not.) The danger of super-heated water is pretty low and is highly overstated, IMO. Unless you use super clean, super smooth vessels (free of nucleation sites) and the water is not abnormally free of dissolved air or other impurities, the water will boil normally and not super-heat.

    • When I need a small amount of boiling water, I microwave it 😁

    • I use the coffee maker (a keurig to be specific) for heating water for tea. It’s fairly fast and gets the water hot enough for my liking, roughly 190°f based on my testing. I use a filter cup that that never holds coffee so I don’t get any coffee taste in my tea.

    • bridgetthewench

      @randomnickify We do have noodles, but most people either make them in the microwave or on the stove.

  2. I live in Sweden and very rarely drink tea. But I use my electric kettle for instant coffee as well. And instant noodles…

  3. I actually use a water cooler that I have in my gaming/office room. It can output hot water with no wait time and allows me to use bottled water without the plastic waste (Using a water delivery service they just swap the 3- or 5-gallon bottles and reuse them). Would love to see a video from Technology Connections on water coolers as they are such a convenience.

  4. I keep a Kureg running all day long. My wife measusred the energy for using it to heat water for her oatmeal vs using an identical cheap WMT electric kettle, and using the Kureg is faster and takes less energy. We use the Emporia electric measurement system for most of our house to measure and log electric usage (a nice under $200 addition to the house).

  5. Induction stovetops are annoyingly fast when youre not used to them, if you do the usual “max the heat and leave” youre in for a nasty surprise probably when the water boils after seconds!

    But theyre awesome, of course!

  6. I often use the kettle to boil water to make pasta as it’s faster than just plopping it on the stove.

  7. Many Asians in the US use an electric kettle for the obvious reason that it offers temperature control, in tea preparation the temperature of the water matters if one cares about the subtleties of tea flavors.

  8. What about a Keurig? My single serving model heats up 10oz to 194F in 1min 51 sec.

  9. Bjørn Ove Hay Andersen

    Induction is new? I got my first 14 yesrs ago, and saw them in the shop for years before that.

  10. “it’s because we don’t drink that much tea, that’s all there is to it”

    (Checks video duration)
    Huh, there’s still more than 15 minutes left, that can’t be all there is

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