Why Dan had to call an Ambulance

Dan and I discuss what occurred when I attempted to fix my glasses two days before we moved. (I am stupid)


Content – contains (comedic) talk of gagging, hospitals, feeling ailing and panic assaults


Music: Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com

COMMUNITY CAPTIONS – THANKS Lucinda L, Laura B, Annabel P, Mirian R, Anna V, Anya V, Annika S, !!! 🙂 – https://amara.org/en/videos/fiX1xFz6bjX9/info/why-dan-had-to-call-an-ambulance/?team=


  1. Thanks for staying subscribed even though I was actually this dumb! ALSO make sure to check out Dan’s video on *JUNE 25th (This Friday) I heard there were snacks so you may see my face in it too!

  2. Sebastian Andersson

    Upcoming AmazingPhil-project:
    *_Glue Guy & Associates_*

  3. Sebastian Andersson

    Ahh yes, the _adult way_ of dealing with broken glasses: *Superglue*

  4. Phil……… how……………..

  5. Know how your holes work. :DDD

  6. Domestic Dan and Phil is the best thing happening this decade.

  7. Dan getting deodorant in his eye walked so Phil swallowing superglue could run

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