Why Californians Are Fleeing To Mexico

In 2021, over 360,000 folks left California in what many are calling The California Exodus. But an increasing number of them are migrating out of the nation all together and instead, heading south to Mexico to escape increasing housing prices, traffic and pricey health care.

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Why Californians Are Fleeing To Mexico


  1. So the residents that voted for this destruction of Californias economy are leaving to destroy Mexicans affordable living and make Mexicans into cheap affordable slaves.

  2. Get rid them democrats ruining California

  3. It’s a smart policy of earning in a developed area and staying in a relatively cheap area. Sikkim/West Bengal is one example.

  4. As long as they don’t bring the woke crap with them and turn it into shithole as they did with California.

  5. Let’s kick 🦶 out of their own country and land again ..now we buy great areas. As far a regular wage México national born can’t afford housing mortgage so expensive due to rich foreign movers . So taking over poor beautiful countries because they have a higher life standards with money is not problem . New invation for later taking gob office and name it (America)???? Sounds like Texas???????

  6. TheHunterofWarriors

    Everyone slave that rented Canada which was thousands of miles away and had hundreds of police looking for them, 7,880 slaves went to Mexico. The US offered Mexico the opportunity to send all the slaves back. Mexico declined and that led to the Texas Mexican war. That property that the US was protecting were slaves. That’s why the southern states are so angry when Texas was not allowed to become a slave state. The agreement when Mexico gave up land rather than giving up the slaves was that Mexicans would always be allowed to travel to their ancestral lands but like so many other treaties with native Americans which Mexicans are primarily native Americans that treaty too was broken by the United states. Just like so many others.

  7. In my lifetime, the population of the world has doubled. Housing is going to continue to be in short supply, especially when you add in climate change issues–like the droughts and wildfires in California. We might as well get used to large numbers of people moving to find a better quality of life.

  8. American refugees go home lol

  9. Don’t come to Washington! It’s not more affordable!!!! Lol go to Spokane or Idaho at least.

  10. It cost me less than $300 month, plus whatever groceries I need for the property I live on. It’s 19 acres of wooded land. The closest large city is 50 miles away. I’ll stay where I am.

    No Trespassing!
    Security that cover the whole area.

    My property is guarded by a man with a shotgun 3 nights a week, you guess which ones! ✌️ 😎

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