Why Blocking this Strait Will Start WW3

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  1. have ur other vids been trending before? cuz if not congrats on #17 lmfao

  2. SirAxelot Whitney

    Its crazy that YouTube would probably get rid of your video. You would think you would want people to know the truth? Keep up the good work though! They are very informative.

  3. Make a video about the Baarle-Hertog border between Netherlands and Belgium. It is FAR more complicated then the use-to-be crazy borders with India and Bangladesh.

  4. I would say that your video is a bit off. Or better to say, a year/year and a half to late.. Current relations between the US and Iran are better than they’ve ever been in the last 5 years, or more. Well at least since the administration of the “stable genius” and a “magnificent” deal breaker, became a part of a history.
    It’s more than obvious that the Middle East is becoming less and less the focus of the interest of the American foreign policy. Don’t get me wrong. We still station the 5th Fleet in Bahrain.. We still support Israel. And last, but not the least, we still sell the best weapons money can buy to our allies in the region, that are Iran’s adversaries. But the Middle East is loosing it’s importance, especially in the context of redeploying our naval and air forces in the Indo-Pacific region to counter the belligerent China.
    There will be no war between Iran and the US. I loose sleep over some rogue Chinese admiral deciding to test the US resolve by targeting our forward deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, and with a lucky strike, sinking 6 billion $ of US property together with 6000 US sailors and airman.. This is what worries me cause I don’t see a way out of the escalatory process that doesn’t end up with Trident SLBMs releasing their warheads over Beijing and Hainan submarine base…

  5. just making sure I’m not wrong but doesn’t Russia have the largest oil field in the world not the middle east

  6. The world needs oil, to sum it up


  8. Anyone else look at that strait of hornuz and think “get a canal dug!”

  9. I’m glad you are educated and smart enough to use Original name of Persian Gulf
    Thanks for good Video
    and it’s simple
    US made Islamic republic because Europe and US were terrified by Rise of Iran as a new powerful country in middle east

  10. would be nice if you dIDnT sTrEsS eVERY sINGLE *sYLLABLE*

  11. This was wonderful.

  12. 14:02 What are you trying to hide Youtube?

  13. TBH, I originally thought you were gonna say it was the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean. But yeah, I can see that this is important too.

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