Why are folks so mad at Game of Thrones?

The final season of Game of Thrones, and particularly the last 3 episodes, have divided and angered many fans of the show. But why? Well, there are a bunch of reasons for this, so let us break down the largest and newest problem first – Daenerys.

In yesterday evening’s episode, Daenerys and Drogon rain fire down upon King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocents. This is all after Cersei’s armies have surrendered. Now the show’s writers explain this by alleging it is the Mad King storyline coming full circle with his daughter. And, if the show had more episodes and time to develop this intensive option, it may have made more sense. But we are only given 6 episodes this season, as opposed to the normal 10, and the determination to make Daenerys the “Mad Queen” seems rushed and swift.

Throughout the seasons, we have seen Daenerys promise she’s nothing like her dad, as she’s liberated slaves and ruled mostly benevolently. So yesterday evening’s episode widely felt like a treachery to both fans and her really character. A whole city going up in flames makes for a terrific visible, sure, but narratively it is shady. Now it seems Daenerys is the show’s “Big Bad,” and not Cersei.

And that’s another huge problem – Cersei and her destiny. Fans were out for blood and desired a ghastly end for the cold-hearted tyrant. But rather than getting a knife in the heart (like many forecasted), she fell victim to debris. Now one could bicker that Daenerys in the end killed Cersei…but her end still seems slightly anticlimactic. And that does not even start to address Jaime’s problem.

Jaime’s atonement arc – where did it go?! The Lannister most altered from a character standpoint after years of questioning his deeds and his allegiance to his paramour returned to his old habits all too swiftly. In the last episode, after leaving Brienne, fans had was hoping he was on his way to King’s Landing just to complete Cersei off himself. But this newest episode proved – NOPE! – he just desired one final nestle with his sister-lover. Hm.

In determination, we only have 1 episode left, and frankly I’m eager to see where this all goes.


  1. Okay yall I live in NYC if anyone wants to make a pact with me to go see endgame as many times as possible I’m down. We gotta start funds tho cause I’m broke

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    I was actually curious… fuck.

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  8. Oliver Catford

    1:25 “may I remind you that endgame has been in theatres for three whole weekends and guess what it has grossed more money on its third weekend than detective pikachu grossed on its first weekend”

  9. fuck that endgame shit.

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