Why Are Award Shows So Awkward?

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  1. wow, best youtuber of the year. i am honored.

  2. Why is Eddy saying slimmed so funny to me

  3. I hate award shows honestly. They’re all rigged and I’m so sick of celebrity culture being shoved down our throats at every possible opportunity. The less I know about celebs the better.

  4. youtube give a raise to whoever put this on trending youre doing something right for once

  5. The game awards are hype tho

  6. Not even joking the kca’s are genuinely awesome

  7. He’s not wrong with thinking BTS would win everything. Even I would vote for them since A. they are talented and B. its also funny 😆

  8. The academy awards are just like the grammys u gotta send gift baskets to the award people

  9. bruh I just found this channel, I’m in love with u and ur mind 😤😔✨

  10. Number 10 on trending noice

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