Why 82% of Mexico is Empty

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  1. Cause they came to America…. Illegally

  2. I’ve been living in Quintana Roo for 3 years and always wondered why Mexico is so huge but not as many areas to go visit as an expat. I definitely figured the mountains were a reason

  3. There’s a bunch of idiotic bots in your comment section.

  4. I love the map shown at 18:36! It really shows the massive elevation difference visually

  5. 15:57 24:27 27:40 the way he pronounced these tho 🤣.

  6. Live outside 4 hrs after Mexico city is be sharing with the narcos and indigenous comunists in the hills a d coasts


  8. Look at all those moun-ains!

  9. The second largest city of 5+ million, Monterrey, is in the “empty” portion. This is also the most livable city in the country.

  10. There is a solution to all these land issues. Give ownership to Anglo-Saxons and In about 100 years or less, they would have developed the whole region. That was the solution for the Panama Canal; after others failed.

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