Why 50% of Indians Live North of This Line

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  1. Mumbai is the worst city to live in India

  2. So I’m guessing it’s racist to point out how the Indians don’t give a single fuck about the disgusting amount of pollution they pump into the air and especially how they have destroyed those three.main rivers…..?

  3. Imagine the smell.

  4. Cool. Let me know when they can stop flies from crawling all over starving children in rags

  5. India has a rich, old and colorful history . I truly enjoy learning about it. I’m getting married to an Indian jamaican woman. We both wish to learn some of her heritage

  6. armando s. rodriguez

    Great Video of a very fascinating region and explains a lot of the cultural variety in this part of the planet,so geography and its varied structure make the difference,but with our newer
    technology we will transform the planet in a healthy more natural way,and ease the way to a happier middle class ( with variations due to both religious and other traditional structures )
    by using up coming both nano- technology and other arising technology’s we can have abundant water,with almost no damage to the environment,and make up for lack of resources including green energy,though it will cause some readjustment of world economic flows,but will be mitigated in time leading to a much more peacefull planet if nations are not desperate to acquire their means of survival. Thanks For Your Info.!!!!!!

  7. looks at “why 50% of Canadians live south of this line”. verrrrryyyyy original title

  8. These youtubers need to Respect India’s sovereignty,
    You use a map that always shows PoK outside India, this pisses every Indian off.
    If you don’t know do the research but stop disrespecting our country like that.

  9. It is only because that is where the good soil is

  10. India is a ticking time bomb. So many just want to immigrate to a white country.

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