Why 2b2t’s Bats Are Going Extinct

On the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft we will talk about Why 2b2t’s Bats Are Going Extinct, and EXACTLY how many stay.
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skullerg, courier6 (Information)

homieonice (Instagram)
DKC (Jammin’ Sam Miller remasters)
Banjo Tooie


  1. im gonna be honest i guessed 20

  2. I bet there will be a new group formed with a mission to kill all surviving bats on the server just because of this video.

  3. I haven’t been on 2b2t for a long long time, when I did play I believe I had a bat in my base that I nametagged, I don’t remember where my base was though

  4. Kiwi on the Internet

    Imagine naming a bad a silly name on a Minecraft sever only to discover years later that your bad is possibly the last of its kind on said server.

  5. Next up: 2b2t’s war on bats.

  6. Well, it was nice knowin ya, Dingbat.

  7. Jakkaphat Kaewthong

    i dont think 2b2t will protect them ngl but then again anything can happen

  8. good to know that a computer generated visual bat in a block game is older than my cousin

  9. I wonder if this is the one thing the 2b2t community will come together and not destroy,

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