Who will DRAFT a 5’5 WR?

Welcome to my WR NCAA Football 14 street to glory! I took him to Madden 23! This RTG was played on the PC variation of NCAA Football 23. Each episode will be a season at a time in a university football revamped!


  1. What position should the new Road to Glory be?

  2. Go be an RB at Boise State

  3. madden 23 is soooooooo terrible

  4. middle line backer, or safety

  5. I was hoping to see some game routes

  6. Running back or a db/linebacker would be cool

  7. Do a road to glory as a 5’8” TE

  8. as a michigan state fan ive had my emotional ups and downs with this series but brother, its one of my favorites that you’ve done.

  9. This was a great series, so emotional, so many ups and downs 😢😢

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