Who Were The Authors Of My Immortal?

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  2. the way they wrote luna in ghost of you as a prep as if she wasn’t like, written as a very severe outcast in the books lol

  3. gah damn ur dripped out as usual

  4. 🌹 kusuo saiki 🌹

    666th comment

  5. Pretty sure Dubia means Dubya, as in the letter W. Whether the town she lived in starts with a W or it’s W for the state of Washington (probably bc of twilight) is up to interpretation.

  6. Your promise of reading my immortal for your 1 mil sub celebration is what finally got me to subscribe lsurprisiy as I watch everything you make)

  7. trigger warning for self harm maybe?

  8. awww the bingusing is going well <3 so happy they are chilling together. And as always, you bring me closer to the fanfiction/tumblr culture i never experienced or needed, this is very enjoyable

  9. I am around the same age as Tara (presumably) and I also wrote a cringy fanfic about my fantasy crush with a friend who I had a couple blow up fights with at around the same time. Like Tara and Raven, there was also a disparity in our writing abilities and one of us (me) worked as an editor for the other. Like Tara and Raven, one of us was way more into the universe we were working with while the other mostly focused on one person in particular within that world. Unlike Tara and Raven, however, we never published it online, thank god. The point is that I do feel like I have a unique perspective when I say that I absolutely believe the author and the editor of My Immortal were 100% genuine. My friend and I were better with grammar, and we were definitely the preps those two hated so much lol. But a lot of the attitude and the heart and the general behavior on display are very familiar to me.

  10. My Trans* siblings in Christ. Can we make My Immortal popular again for the bit, just to mess with JKTwerfing? For the bit. Come on.

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