WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!? My “Girlfriend” or My Sister! (w/MyLifeAsEva) | Brent Rivera

Welcome to the fam (:


  1. like this video if you got ANY of these questions right??

    • Phyllis Trawick

      Fuck you
      Best with me you get beat up Laboy you can play with me with your dumb self the boy zombie and little boy you is like old 50,000 boy you can’t do it alone 1 million papalia I’m not $50 I’m 7 years old boy 50 you didn’t give me $50 so don’t play with me you going to get knocked out our with the Glock pop out and Show Low, how do you dump you dumb you really dumb you really dumb you don’t know who nothing holdin know you better cuz you slow you got your sister and you got your girlfriend why won’t you play with me you dummy dummy dummy boy yummy

    • Cupcake_ Gacha

      MrBrent98 bruh I like how u like ur own comment ?

    • Under kidding over

    • I love men So much


    • Lexi is your sister and yall live together how does she not know you better

  2. Rigoberto Negrete


  3. Addyson Montgomery


  4. Ava the bedwench

  5. Ally TheCreative

    24# on trending ohhh yay ❕❕❕❕

  6. I like my toilet paper UNDER

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