Who Is To BLAME For CANCELLED Paul vs Rahman Jr…

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  1. Mystamacroon 902

    16:7 and what is this I see, the video recommended to me is:

    Jake Paul Fight Is Cancelled! – JJ Olatunji – 2 minutes ago

  2. Yo Viddal can u play fight night again but play ur own player would be sick

  3. JP made sure that this upcoming boxing match got canceled because he knew he was going to get KO’d.
    Why doesnt put these handicap Clauses in that benefit him? Be a real fighter like you say you are a man up.

  4. No one wants to give up on weight, that’s the crux of these drama.
    Its not a professional match, so i think its better for the person who speak more loudly to take a bridge of the weight hhahahaha

  5. Hasim said that the initial contract was given and he had 45 minutes to say yes or no, agent barely has time to proper look through it etc

  6. Just love viddal!!!

  7. Fake fight!! Not interesting at all !! Paul is a Fake..BORING!!

  8. Viddal are speaking fax all the time, love it!!! Blow this video up

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