Who Invented WD-40?

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  1. Today I Found Out

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  3. wd-40 is a good rocket fuel too

  4. In South Africa there is a product identical to WD-40 and it’s called Q-20.

  5. The only reason I keep a can handy on the balcony is that it kills wasps instantly and you can aim it super accurately from a safe distance.

  6. crazy observations

    polishing plastic headlights

  7. Yo Simon, any chance of making TIFO available as a podcast feed? Love the show.

  8. WD40 jack of all, master of none. It’s good to have a decent assortment of oils, newer synthetic and silicone oils will last alot longer.
    Still great as penetrating oil.

    On that note if your a guy DO NOT take hair loss pills, finesteride and it’s brother are bad for you and it’s closely related to thalidomide as in on the box it will say women can’t touch the pills, use a condom allways and you can’t touch a pregnant women as your sweat could carry the drug and go though her skin then deform the baby.

    But the worst part is around half of men who take it can’t penetrate anything after a while, for some guys it’s fine for some they recover for some there tool is useless even with Viagra.

    Whoever invented finesteride must have got the head of the FDA to epstisn island with slot of coke, booze, girls, money and blackmail to get it approved.

    It’s poison.

    The topical stuff you put on your hair is fine, go wild.

    But if you are crazy and want to try the pills get you testosterone level checked with a blood test and if older prostate.

    Take a quarter of a dose or and 8th for a couple of days and see how you feel.

    Personaly I don’t think it’s worth the risk.
    I took a quarter of a pill once when I was 20 and convinced I was going bald (I was not just strange hairline) and my dick would not work for 3 days, took another 3 days to fully recover.

    If I was older and look a higher dose for longer it could have been bad.

  9. CoolT (Coolomon Tetris)

    Now we need a WD-40 deodorant

  10. WD40 is rubbish it’s Water Displacement and it drys up and stops being a lubricant.

    Duck Oil is far superior 👍

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