Who am I dating…

And check out some of best video clips:

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  1. Madeline Holtzclaw

    Lorraine sounds so much like my mom. She always does anything for me & I pray I become just as selfless when I become a mom.

  2. Starbucks to dancing Queen lol

  3. ShutTheFugg Upp

    Look up in the sky…you see it? That’s not confetti, that’s blonde braids off the hideous wig that Trisha wears. Her head just exploded from just reading the title of this video.

  4. Jason your daughter is so much like you! Awww ❤️❤️❤️

  5. trisha: *30 minutes later posts a video of her on her kitchen floor*

  6. All those dislikes are from Trisha’s fake accounts that she started when she read the title of this video

  7. Love her?

  8. Laura Silipigni

    that girl was mad uncomfy?

  9. Jason i have been a fan since you met david, but you really need to clean yourself up, cut that hair and wear some proper cloth

  10. Those shoes though

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