White House tracking ‘terrifying’ HBCU bomb threats | USA TODAY

More than a dozen bomb threats were made to historical Black universities and colleges (HBCUs) over two days.

Many impacted campuses issued “all clear” messages to their communities by Tuesday afternoon, which includes Jackson State, Kentucky State, Xavier, the University of the District of Columbia, Fort Valley State and Philander Smith.

Psaki stated the management wants students and the leaders of the universities to understand “that we are standing with them as they face these threats,” Psaki said.

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  2. fake news…..of the eternal black victims……

  3. Why have so few top earning, supposedly progressive musicians removed their music from Spotify?

  4. Trying to stir up racial division before the midterms. Nancy probably called them in.

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    They all lie. MSM Gov all terrorists.

  6. Nothing about the ex ucla employee who is a bodies man, threatening to shoot up the university?

  7. I hope they find the idiots making the bomb threats and hold them accountable for.

  8. Ridiculous how Joe Biden and your team are handling with Russia vs Ukrainian and others issues into the US office, If Joe Biden don´t know handling with domestic terrorism called BLM( riot and looting), never will go know handling with this kind of issue. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both are complete incompetent and without skills to manage this country. I don´t believe that the American citizens be dumb or indocrinated by Joe Biden ideology called socialism but what really seems is that yes. 👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  9. I’d take these a little more serious if there were fewer cases of false flag threats.

  10. Let’s go Jussie!

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