Whistleblower says pressures on Amazon drivers to make fast deliveries create risky conditions

Amazon says it is exploring, but a whistleblower says pressures on drivers to make fast deliveries create risky conditions.

“My sibling’s life is just, now, a cross on the side of the street that folks pass,” stated Aliesha Harman.

The morning of June 11, Hearn clocked in at an Amazon facility in Forney and left with a truck full of packages to deliver. Like most Amazon drivers, he did not really work for Amazon. His employer was a third-party delivery company called Triumph Logistics.

“From the moment that my sibling got on the street that day, there were crimson flags,” Harman stated.

Immediately following midday, Hearn was pulled over in Van, Texas, for foolhardy driving. It was the very first of repeatedly he would be pulled over that day. Hearn had gone days without any his PTSD medicine and was having a psychological episode. Since he emerged sober, he was dispatched on his way.

STORY: https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/investigates/red-flags-after-a-crash-and-warning-from-the-cops-a-contractor-put-an-amazon-driver-in-crisis-back-on-the-road/287-3612728f-9ca7-4269-ba61-b9a9c7678537

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