Which Of Our Cars Can Actually Outrun The Cops? | Car Trek S5E4

In this episode of Car Trek Series 5, AutoTempest challenges the people to get their first vehicles to Atlanta Motorsports Park for a race. Not against each other, but to see who can outrun the local police. Ed’s Audi S4 has the most to lose, but its stage 2 mods make it earnestly quick. Freddy’s Nissan Maxima is not doing itself any favors, bringing razor lean tires with heavy wheels to a technical course, and Tyler’s Mercedes-Benz 300TD will need a miracle to get out of its own way.


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  1. B5 S4 is my fucking dream car even if it would break I’d fix it until it’s all new, but I’m 17 and don’t make enough money for one 🙁

  2. Yo not going to lie these guys would have been better replacing Clarkson, May & Hammond on Top Gear these guys wouldn’t be them but they would be better than the bullshit they’re using for the show now 🤣

  3. It’s not a VQ, it’s a VG. VG30de to be exact.

  4. This looks like Atlanta motor sports park! If it is it’s cool to see y’all in my hometown!

  5. Tone down the car trek stuff dude. Honestly the other guys are pretenious and uninteresting. Go back to the projects that your fan base made you who you are. Cartrek is not interesting and self obsessive

  6. I love Car trek😭😭😭

  7. 🤜👍

  8. Maaan…Car trek needs to be Tavarish, Samcrac and Matt Farah…..the current crew feels too much like car enthusiast (Tavarish) drags a couple of gawdy non car guys along to do car stuff.

  9. The Unpretentious Vegan

    Love how none of them fit with their helmets on.

  10. The Need for Speed: Most Wanted reference😂😂😂

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