Which Couple Knows Each Other Best?

Which couple knows one another better? A Married couple or an Engaged couple?

Roni and Nessa have a New Couples Video coming out this Tuesday OCTOBER 25th!

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  1. Definitely thought this would end differently 😅

    Roni and Nessa have another Couples video coming out this Tuesday!

  2. John is HILARIOUS.
    Can’t wait till they’re married to lock in the “ft. John Vaughn” videos 😅

  3. Roni & Aaron y’all kinda cheated though 😂😅 “I’ll just write what they called me in high school” like wow Aaron nice sneaky clue. And Roni keeps talking before writing down to make it so obvious 😂

  4. Maybe do this again with Roni and John vs Nessa and Aaron!

  5. I love how Aaron cracks up at john’s jokes every time

  6. Vithoosha Chandirabalan

    Ok but i actually want a John and Aaron channel

  7. Vanessa shows signs of adhd. Not being able to focus well and feeling empathy too deeply are both signs

  8. 5:13 😂 Roni is so darn cute

  9. RonRon vs VanVaughn!

  10. I’m neither been single and divorced for over right years hip hip hurray….

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