Which automobile can climb to the uppermost level in GTA 5?

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  1. Grays new hobby kicking cars

  2. Is it just me who’s audio sounds like he’s underwater at one part or nah

  3. At 8:53 there is a plane

  4. Props to that Bike making gray far in board….
    Also to that bicycle, they did their best with 2 wheels

  5. Marlee’s toy land

    When there is a new person watching his videos and don’t know who Alex is 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Please like so gray can see. Tip for gray: LOOK EVERYWHERE BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE CHALLENGE

  7. Was it the board wouldn’t load or Alex had pity for Gray?

  8. Dear Alex the great make a board that gray has to guess what game it came from ie like Sims 4 and long dark lol

  9. SkyBizScotty IsGaming

    Funny solar smash glitch: pause the game and use a lightsaber!

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