Where Does Reggie Miller Rank Steph Curry All-Time? | 05/01/23

NBA on TNT analyst Reggie Miller joins the Dan Patrick Show and responds to Steph Curry dropping 50 points in Golden State’s game 7 win against the Sacramento Kings to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals and talks about where Curry ranks record amidst the finest NBA players ever


  1. No doubt, Steph has to be in top 10. The threat level becomes Red when he touches the ball wherever he is on the court!

  2. Wilt is 1B. People disregard him because he is mythical and not a lot of video footage available. Put him in the league today, and he dominates. Played every minute. Never fouled out. Holds almost every scoring and rebound record. He even led the league in assists on season.

  3. Julius Guccione

    Reggie is spot on; can’t disrespect MJ, who was a MUCH better defender than Curry; just appreciate what Curry is doing at his age (maybe his best play now or last year) with a poor supporting cast. Interesting that both MJ and Curry started on dreadful teams; Warriors were laughing stock for so long. Curry may be most entertaining offensive player ever, but his defense is really bad.

  4. What no one is talking about is his age experiences and talent playing with youth. Same with lebron there playing with youth. Reggie Miller is in the greatest shooters conversations. No one has scored what 9 points in 10 seconds.

  5. Joshua Gribschaw-Beck

    Did they forget about Lebron in the top 10?

  6. Global impact, curry? No. JORDAN. EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT SYMBOL

  7. Curry and lebron ain’t top 10 outta respect for the past and eras, they more curry play in a softer era

  8. Steph curry is the Jordan or this era

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