When your 3 decades old Garchomp still wants an elated meal with toys

baby shork


  1. - Boondoggle -

    Ok this is cute

  2. Hometownboy653

    *P O N I*

  3. Well~ I was about to say “eat your food first then you can continue play with it later” but I guess I can’t do it, huh? I mean look how happy she is already, I can’t just break that face. Maybe next time I will tell her, sorry for being weak.

  4. I saw that copypasta. BLURSED :^)

  5. This vid would be 100% wholesome if it wasnt by that copypasta…

  6. クソ可愛いやんけ。良い動画デスネ!!!

  7. Holy shit I love this❤❤❤

  8. Final Form Cooler

    0:09 for Vaporeon talk by the burgers

  9. If my Garchomp wants a Happy Meal
    She’s getting a Happy Meal

  10. So wholesome🥰

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