When You Run 9,542,623 Miles in 8 Minutes…

I SPEEDRAN Run in 8 Minutes…


  1. Did anybody notice the boss baby in the back of the camera?

  2. My Friends at school allways plays this game my friend AJ got to like I think like level 50

  3. “Do u know what the definition of insanity is? It’s doing the same thing and expecting something to change” I didn’t learn that from far cry, I learnt it from DharMan’s Addison Dae.

  4. Fabio mateo Santos orozco

    I vote for blaza

  5. Hey socksfor2 I have a question for you can you play duck life 3 to 4 PLEASE:(

  6. Gabriella Goritsas

    I prefer Run 4 the farthest I have gotten in that was a level between 80-90 and the starting levels of all the run games are the same or at least the first 50 levels.

  7. Lightning wolf369

    You should play run 2 and 3

  8. Socks:you know what yhe defenition insanity is doing the same stuff over and over again
    Blaza:and expecting something to change
    Undertale:let us introduce our self

  9. Bro it say 8 mins he lied

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