When you get Eminem for a verse now

Look we love ‘Em he a myth Fr 🙏🏾 we just making jokes Fr LOL and he do be playing around on some verses man


  1. The silence at the beginning is funnier than anything😂😂😂 mark face❗️

  2. Hahahahahahaha

  3. What song is this

  4. This was the first skit I seen of you guys and I’m an em fan but I cant tell if you guys really dont dig him or not when mentioning bars. Vid made me laugh but I hope this was just a play on people hating on eminem

  5. I lost it at the “I don’t give af who it is M&M Skittles Starburst”😭

  6. Live From The Motherland


  7. Ben like “he’s the GOAT tho bro…” in the most defeated voice and then tryna say some lines he thought was fire by mumbling and touching his head is underrated lmao

  8. What caused yall niggas to diss Em like this 😂

  9. Bro shoulda said im not cappin im rappin im blunt packin no passin these rapper ass wit no passion 2 to da left 2 to da right throw yo hands now you dashin lets do this shit aint no askin spiral they block like da dragon acquire their sum now dae lackin shoot like a flick genre action i got the F.N. Straight blastin jus like The tater we mashed em just a waiter we passed him cuz he aint got no money 😂😂😂

  10. Eminem’s last line saying “Ion really like rap but I’m taxin em” and Jay glaring at Ben after then got me in tears 😭🤣🤣

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