When We Met Other Human Species

We all belong to the only group of hominins on the earth today. But we were not always alone. 100,000 years ago, Eurasia was home to other hominin species, some of which we know our ancestors met, and spent some quality time with.

Thanks to Julio Lacerda and Fabrizio de Rossi from Studio 252mya for their marvelous hominin illustrations. You can find more of their work here: https://252mya.com/

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  1. I would love to see a single video going over the entire timeline of homosapiens

  2. Why couldnt the end of both races be racial inclusion and they quit breeding so much with in there own races because of the shear numbers of the homo sapiens at the time. And for the reason are modern humans truly homo sapiens just because the traits are more like that homo group or is it where a mutt species due to the inter breeding.

  3. I thought modern humans were way more innovative and produced better tools while neanderthals’ tools remained the same. I thought we survived partially because we were better adapted creatively.

  4. What’s the best/most interesting book on this subject?

  5. Predawn Precipitation

    Take a trip to any American city and you’ll find some other species…

  6. Isn’t it possible that they were simply bred out, so to speak? If their numbers dwindled, and there was interbreeding going on for quite some time, it seems like a logical conclusion that perhaps they didn’t necessarily disappear, but were possibly absorbed into modern humans. Though, maybe there’s not enough of their DNA left in modern humans to account for that.

  7. As i read in high school some china dyansty were sending their royal female member to marry northern invaders for peace,wondering if our ancestor doing the same thing…

  8. Imagine being a human 45,000 years ago hunting and doing your thing only to have your remains being studied for dna from other species.

    Weird eh

  9. Jaimie Rodricks

    What about the andamanies from the Andaman islands dont they belong to a subspecies of humans

  10. Woah. Our ancestors were so horny any hominin would do for them.

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