When the Impostor clutch fails… – Among Us #Shorts

-When your Imposter teammate gets voted out early in the circular and you go to do your best to try and win…. it does not work most of the time jus like this one lol. Regardless we had a good time like we always do in game. As always I hope you take pleasure in the video clip!!!
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Music used:
Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/

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  1. When you catch your wife acting sus but you figure out she has been doing task with the imposter so you call an emergency meeting with your children and decide to eject her out of your marriage that lasted 20 years.

    • สูไรยา ดามุ


  2. always blame the one who found the body before they get a chance to say anything

  3. the sound effects!!

  4. Bruh why is this on trending YouTube trippin

  5. Pixel Does Whatever

    WAIT WOAH WOAH WOAH how is this guy with only 2K subs ON #12 TRENDING ALL OF A SUDDEN?

  6. Kromus: *close to winning
    Blambo: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

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