When Hollywood Made Two Movies About Saving the White House

In 2013 we got two pretty equal motion pictures. The White House is in distress and it is up to a lone wolf to stop the bad people. Both of these motion pictures were met with mixed reception and were forgotten about. But I want to speak about them for some reason.


  1. WarlordofBritannia

    Never having seen either film I always remembered them as “The White House Has Fallen”
    Of course, “Olympus Down” is the far superior film

  2. In fairness, the Gerald Butler series had 3 feature films 🎞🎬🎟

  3. 9:07
    Honestly kind of refreshing to have the nebulous terrorists actually just be a buncha racist goons this time around rather than some random foreigners. Actually feels more realistic, surprisingly.

  4. I didn’t like the fact how Olympus took itself WAY too seriously

  5. I just realized that top gun maverick’s twin film is devotion, coming out this year. It even starrs glenn powell – hangman!!!

  6. branchy2000 inc.

    you’re telling me that they made a movie about the president in 2013 with Morgan Freeman in it, in 2013, and put Morgan Freeman, in 2013, in the middle of the poster (this movie is about the president in 2013) and then he ISN’T the president. lmao.

  7. I cannot believe White house down used the same actor playing basically the same character as that one neo nazi in Breaking bad lmao

  8. 14:49 LMAOOOOO that caught me of guard

  9. they should’ve just adapted payday 2’s white house heist into a movie ngl
    besides, it’d be amazing to see the payday 2 actors in a high budget film. especially houston’s actor. god, i want that guy to ravage me-

  10. I never looked for anyone talking about this but yeah, this was a whole thing, sometimes I’d get confused and think, “oh yeah, Channing Butler has to save president Morgan Foxx while Olympus falls down”

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