When Everything is Off Brand 4

I went to OFC and got some fried Duck. 10/10 would suggest.

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  1. Steven He can make us laugh more times in 2 minutes than most comedy films can do in hours . 🙂 .

  2. Siddharth Upadhyay

    You got bang
    We got pow
    How do you come up with this

  3. “Cookies and YEAHBOII”

  4. I want coke negative to slim myself down 🤣🤣

  5. Rivka- ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳

    “You got Kobe Beef?”
    “We got Lebron Pork”

    Steven He is hands down a genius level comedian

  6. At least Beijing Corn isn’t off brand

  7. in Small Asian Country” Bonus points to people who can identify all these films

  8. Digimon Researcher デジモン研究者

    1:30 “you got Kobe Beef?” “We got Lebron Pork”…

    Gotta get me some of that tonight… via Amazin Prime

  9. Applebee’s, we got Apple A+

  10. Idk who deals with off brand funnier. Steven or Steven’s-Dad

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