When A Gang Leader Confronted Tyson

BLTV Classic recaps the notorious two-fight saga between Tyson and gang leader, Mitch ‘Blood’ Green


  1. All talk no bite

  2. Mike was scary his aura was something else

  3. 1:55 this dude was not that fast at all watch Tyson’s work on the heavy bag tyson is faster and a harder puncher and moved faster this is not even boxing correctly this man is not even bobbing and weaving

  4. 2:14 Define “homophobic”, and explain how a man who would physically beat you for just saying you’re gay was “afraid” of it. We need to redefine this condition, you don’t call antisemitic racists “Jewphobes”.

  5. Mitch Green,

  6. It’s like watching Mr.T

  7. The only thing this guy is famous for is losing.

  8. I love Mike. He speaks in such a soft tone, he has nothing to prove but he more fire inside him than almost anyone. Deep-down he seems kind and gentle. Seeing him on comedy roasts was awesome. He took all the jokes made about like a true good sport. Legend. Maximum respect.

  9. Literally playing with green and Jake Paul this man here is round roughly 25 you used two years so younger you fight this man now yeah you probably would but you get your head baby and you’ll never be the fighter Mike Tyson was

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