What’s The Most Popular Breakfast In Each State?

Today, we are investigating the States through the lens of breakfast foods. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE # 2019

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  1. It’s so humble seeing Rhett forcing the gifticality it’s so wholesome

  2. I’ve literally in twenty-six years never heard of ‘Tofu scramble’ in Washington LOL

  3. Lol. Rhett totally looks like a saxophone player with the fedora

  4. He speaks with his eyes and they convey emotions.

  5. Fellow Washingtonian and I’ve never had tofu scramble. If I saw that on a menu, I’m skipping over it. 😮‍💨

  6. Rhett says Nevada correctly. Thank you Rhett <3

  7. If you think wash dc is trying to be South then you have never lived or visited there. NoVa clings hard to the North. The bottom half of VA does not exist.

  8. As an NC’er, y’all we love us some biscuits. Especially them biscuits and gravy. Y’all know better! ♥ you guys.

  9. I love Breakfast

  10. The chips are supposed to be soggy

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