Whats Left after Boiling ORGANIC Apple Juice?

Random Nation!
Today we are seeing what is left when you boil, freeze dry, and dehydrate organic juices.

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  1. Evania Bhattarai

    They sure live up to their name

  2. Michelle Arciniega


  3. You should try doing things with citric acid

  4. 9:18 You’re welcome.

  5. But is it still edible

  6. sugars, caramelized sugars

  7. microwave orbeez and grapes

  8. can we see collaboration with the Action Lab, i really can’t imagine how MEGA RANDOM stuff you two could come up with.

  9. You do realize that orange juice is not natural right…?

  10. You have to stur the liquid so it does not burn so it will turn into a sirup

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