What’s At The Center Of Block World?

Planet Minecraft is the perfect place to test out my world-destroying lightsaber.


  1. The.shadow.knight

    Gasy holes?

  2. Video Game Montagination

    …how exactly did you get the Minecraft thing

  3. Please shave your beard I miss the old you from four years ago playing paint the town red

  4. Pls play floor plan 2

  5. its the minecraft theme

  6. The true Canadian “sorry!” really got me

  7. Haven’t watched captain sauce in a bit and I can’t help but notice the monstrous beard that would give a Viking a run for his money

  8. Solar Smash may have an update but now it’s go a couple of *bugs*

    Ok I’m leaving for now

  9. The home of Banananater

    So… you gonna continue Minecraft or…

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