What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You!

What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You!

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  1. What’s your main skin?

  2. CrazyDraco Carter

    The Burning Wolf is my main skin the black and gold variant

  3. Ok it might be a lot and I know that u work hard on these vids but maybe u could include all of the skins just a suggestion

  4. 100% miss on plenty of these, ESPECIALLY Lara croft player’s

  5. My main is imperial stormtrooper because I am a Star Wars nerd

  6. Main skin is C1 S3

  7. Bro my main skin is Vice from Season x

  8. What about dummy

  9. mine is catwomen zero

  10. My fav is Rogue Agent, partially due to the fact he was my first skin besides the defaults. I started in Chapter 1 Season 3, and after I got the Rogue Agent Starter Pack, I bought my first emote, Wiggle. My first tier/level 100 I got was Omega (Chapter 1 Season 4) but unfortunately I couldn’t max him out.

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