What Was The Illegal Blaster Rifle That Fired Invisible Blaster Bolts? #shorts

What was the unlawful blaster rifle that fired invisible blaster bolts?

One of the main drawbacks of a blaster was how apparent they were to detect. Blaster bolts brightness made disguised operations really tough, even for the most proficient bounty hunters and military soldiers. The Empire wished to direct the course of tightlipped assassinations, and thus developed the nightstinger rifle. It may only fire 3-5 shots before the blaster gas canister needed substituting, with each canister costing around 1000 credits. Nevertheless, the blaster bolts were fully invisible, permitting for stealthy assassinations. This was especially helpful when used in conjunction with a redirection crystal. When the invisible bolt was let go at the crystal it would divert the bolt while in addition adding colouration, permitting the empire to frame unsuspicious citizens for their vicious exterminations.

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  1. Onlooker of things

    i mean it’d hurt

  2. Wa- what? is this an execution on your audience

  3. with all the lore from star wars I have in my head I’m so angry that its gonna end up like spider man and super man. Chopped up 6 times into 4 different groups of actors. Never the same story, fully and jumbled up. But I guess there do be bigger priorities in life.

  4. Ok but most of the rebels weren’t even armored as well as stormtroopers so a regular suppressed gun that fires bullets can work. I definitely think such things have existed in star wars lore

  5. I want to shoot Jar Jar Binks multiple times with a glock

  6. Well that’s dumb

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