What was that…? (Derek Brunson vs Kevin Holland)

Kevin Holland vs Derek Brunson was a peculiar fight where Brunson adapted, showed his fight IQ, and grappled his way to another victory. Holland was overzealous and seemed to speak and play instead of focus on determining a way to beat the veteran. Let us break this down…

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  1. Holland literally just ruined his career

  2. Still cant believe I put my money on Holland and he gave that kind of outing…

  3. Grew Up Without one

    You want to study under khabib you need to drop some cash. That man went 29-0. That be the first person you should learn from

  4. Iq of 70 holland

  5. KH was way to comfortable in there.
    The laugh was his reaction to not having an answer after he ignored his cornor.
    His next fight will be different, hes a smart guy.

  6. I think Kelvin Holland should be removed from UFC middleweight division because he doesn’t deserves that division, you fight this useless fight like someone who is a beginner and sometimes you talk about Israel adesanya that he is a loser you want to fight him, my guy let me advice you don’t even dare to go near Izzy, he will kill you. I will even advice Izzy not to waist his previous energy on you. You don’t deserve to fight Izzy

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