What to anticipate from King Charles III

King Charles III has really giant footwear to fill. How will he change the British royal family?

00:00 – Britain has a new king
01:08 – The English constitution
01:57 – The importance of religion
03:56 – Charles has big shoes to fill
06:09 – Slimming down the monarchy
07:21 – Will Charles be a meddling king?
08:44 – Could there be a constitutional crisis?
10:35 – The future of the British monarchy

What will Charles do now? https://econ.st/3RLTCdS

The Queen’s death is the end of an era: https://econ.st/3Db6Jl2

Queen Elizabeth II— the weight of duty: https://econ.st/3eDgQF2

How Queen Elizabeth II strengthened the monarchy https://econ.st/3eB6B42

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The difficulties in crowning King Charles III: https://econ.st/30sHUA4

How does the British monarchy’s line of succession work? https://econ.st/3dWr7s1

Listen to our take on the remarkable similarities between Queen Elizabeth and Alex Ferguson: https://econ.st/3E0X1P2

How does data on inbred nobles support a leader-driven theory of history? Listen to find out: https://econ.st/3s9uYKK

What sort of King is Charles shaping up to be? https://econ.st/3oSZx5g

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Charles will become defender of the faith: https://econ.st/3pTiTqw
Children’s authors and publishers are capitalising on the popularity of the British monarchy: https://econ.st/33nQSiZ

Where does the royal family get its money? https://econ.st/3sa6oJJ


  1. I hate her Charles king

  2. Why were countries colonized.
    Why were the colonies looted.
    Why were the subjects converted by aggression and deceit.

  3. Hopefully bring his son’s closer together

  4. Expect more suitcases full of cash from the MiddleEast?

  5. i love queen elizabeth smile from the side views. i cant explain it. but my eyes catch that smile i feel an instant profound inner strength that enferals my whole body an soul an i get this overwhelmed gitty feeling that builds some empowering strength. I am a man of 200lbs to 210lbs i used to weight lift the excersize deadlifts of 200lbs for 10 sets of 20 repititions. with in 1 hour an 15 minutes sometimes in 45 minutes. that smile reminds me over coming adversitys at every direction it presents itself.

  6. RIP to Queen Elizabeth II…. Long live the new King

  7. King Charles III need to confess to his mistakes, he commited during on his life. People can forgive him, cause confession of mistakes is more acceptable than silent deny of guilt.
    In my opinion, His magisty, in case of scandals in goverment, which would rise unpleasment of people, should show his unaceptance of behaviour of goverment. His magisty musn’t take a side in any conflict, but if he try to solve conflicts as a Mediator or taking points of sides with their bright and dark sides, i think it is the way how Modern Monarchies should work, not as a “Representatives”, but as Real Executive Rule.

  8. He will bury his mother.

  9. Viva la revolution

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