What They Left Behind At Cerro Gordo Was Worth Millions

Hi everyone! The adventure included outings 500 ft down a mineshaft, down treacherous hills, and lots more! While the original owners took most of the valuable metals out, they did leave some behind! Even some in ordinary sight! Clearly the tiny smaples taken will not

This was one of my favorite video clips to make, as I’ve liked studying about the assaying process.

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  1. Ghost Town Living

    Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all the support! If you’re interested in winning the silver “coin” we made from all the silver in this video, you can enter for FREE here: https://kingsumo.com/g/wdc2zz/win-a-silver-cerro-gordo-coin

    NEXT WEEK! I’m back with a big American Hotel update. Lots of updates on that front and we’re building it up fast! Hope to see you then!

    • I really hope I can be there one day not sure if it’s possible now must be exciting to see this in person as it is already now watching you on video every week, I can’t wait to live the
      experience ! Take care and see you next week

    • Where can I get all the smelting type equipment you have there? I recently acquired some property with old gold mines on it…and I find rocks all over that look like they contain gold…, and copper.

    • Thank you

    • Redneckrider420

      cant wait!! would love to have a piece of Cerro Gordo history in my own home, good luck to those who enter and congratulations to whoever wins!!

    • You could make the world’s BEST zipline system for getting around!
      You’ve already got the basic infrastructure!

  2. So cool man!

  3. I am so hooked on your channel..Your passion is contagious.what a life, bringing an old town back to life in so many ways.Just sitting on a hillside watching those sunsets, as close to heaven as you can get.I just love your drive.

  4. Lucky Hit Productions

    Amazing to see you smelting and refining, I made a comment almost a year ago about how much ore I was seeing just from watching your videos! And I’m a rockhound. Rock on rockhound.

  5. Is the dust safe to breath in? I would think that pounding on the rock would cause lead dust to stir around in the air

  6. I just have to say your kindness, enthusiasm, spirit truly shine in every video you make.

  7. Michael Kowalski

    Brother! This is the first video I’ve seen from you. It was recommended on youtube. Very interested in what you do. It reminded me a lot of some old school “Cody’s lab” videos which is what I love. Can tell that your into what your doing and excited to do it. Subscribed!

  8. I need that coin!

  9. OffGrid Aussie Prepper™

    I cant see u getting enuf for 1 ingot let alone anything else.

  10. Can yall please stop. I was living in the house. It’s not my house it’s my family. That other house WAS my house my family does own a business I never tell ppl about that. I was living in a shelter n the house with my parents ? What’s the big deal…
    It’s life..

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