What the HELL is Caroline? (A TERRIBLE Coraline Ripoff)

This is one of the WORST RIPOFFS I have ever seen. Why ripoff Coraline?! LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

►Watch the Movie Here (if you dare…)

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  1. No joke, this one really hurt to watch lmao

  2. Brujerias is spanish for Witchcraft

  3. Chris has a crush on Teruteru

    Witch Craft

    it’s Spanish

  4. Hey Saberspark I found a show on Netflix called the last kids on earth, you should check it out and see what you think.

  5. Other mother rule 34

  6. Vamonoooo! Los españoles siempre liándola!!!!!!!

  7. Didn’t you learn Spanish for college

  8. Matthew Hernandez

    I can speak Spanish

  9. Brujerias is not portuguese, but it does sound a lot like “bruxarias” which could be translated as witchcraft, but a better translation would be witchery

  10. 12:53 by far, that is the most savage thing I ever heard in a movie.

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