What Should We Expect from Elden Ring’s “Shadow of the Erdtree” DLC?

01:02 Who is riding Torrent?
03:19 Who IS Torrent?
06:25 What is the “Shadow of the Erdtree”?
12:51 The god graves
14:00 When will the DLC release?
14:24 Soul Arts V2 shoutout

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  1. offensive. memepocket

    dude the thumbnail is pure comedy

  2. Pyromaniac Dave

    I think this is gonna be a prequel dlc, because, the old tree is just a shadow of the [now parasitic Erdtree] like maliketh is the shadow of marika, if you’ve ever been to the old “pre-erd tree” after killing the mohg in the shunning grounds,

    it’s a bit mysterious even in your own vids, you said there may have been an old previous previous tree…

    and some blonde girl may be her former master, because even within the game you gain a blessing from torrents former master, but the one who is riding on torrent doesn’t resemble a child, and resembles a grown woman,

    thus why would marika ride a horse, when she doesn’t need to…

  3. On the idea of The Great Tree and The Erd Tree. You’re almost spot on but just have a couple things mixed around, I highly recommend Tarnished Archeologists videos on The Erd Tree because he lays out the Era of The Crucible, Era of The Great Tree, and Era of The Erd Tree in incredible fashion.

  4. Erdtree’s dark side? Does this damn tree have a good side?

  5. We can expect cut content to be used in the DLC 🙂

  6. George RR Martin did say he was writing on lore “5000 years before the timeline of the game” so the dlc could be in the past if it’s based on the above

  7. The lands between implies that 2 realities await us if we cross the other side. Time to go across I think.

  8. Pyromaniac Dave

    Damn it, how are you so good at lore, but I love it lol

  9. If Melina with her gloam eye isn’t here as a final boss, I’m disappointed

  10. Fromsoft usually confirm endings in later titles, I don’t think we’re gonna be getting an elden ring 2, so this as well as the supposed miquella looking older than he did in the intro leads me to believe that the dlc will take place after the frenzied flame ending, which is the only ending that leaves things open to continuation as well. That only leaves just who exactly we will be up to debate, as a part of me doubts we’ll be the lord of frenzy again, but we can’t exactly be sure we’ll be another random bozo.

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