What Really Happened During the Yellowstone Park Flood?

An overview of the 2022 Montana flooding and what is next for Yellowstone National Park.
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In June of 2022, many travelers and residents of the Yellowstone National Park area discovered themselves at ground zero of a natural catastrophe. Torrential rainfall in Wyoming and Montana brought widespread flooding to the streams and rivers that flow through this precious panorama and beyond. How will the National Park Service Rebuild? Hasty engineering of large infrastructure can be extremely damaging to natural systems like those in Yellowstone, and you don’t want to invest millions of dollars into repairs that might be subject to similar flooding in the future. After all, we build parks (and roads to parks) to get closer to the natural environment and all its wildness, and there’s almost nothing more natural or wild than a flood.

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    • Id’ quickly say, now that they had a disaster of huge proportions, nature made them the necessary infrastructure placement for the next one! Add some human knowledge and ingenuity to correct places and there you go, no fuss when next similiar incident happens.

    • It’s really rare to see a sponsor that is actually doing something good. Thanks I will start using the site.

    • Sag ich nicht Sowieso nicht

      the volume difference between your speech and your outro is to big, it was suddenly so loud when you stopped speaking.

    • I appreciate that your crew is credited in the outro 👍

    • oh, that’s the area where you can legally murder someone!

  2. Teton county here, The rain that night was scary, I have never seen so much rain

  3. 1:51 – I know he meant more europe but I will from now on consider wales a unit of measurement in the metric system

  4. i live in one of the said communities that depend on Yellowstone’s tourists this summer was incredibly slow as a whole. it’s a relief that no one in the park got injured but man those following days were not fun to watch.

  5. KiLDiG Horror Movie Archive

    What really happened was that there was a flood. Easy explanation.

  6. Wales – the SI unit of large areas.

  7. I went in July and saw no signs of damage but there were several closed roads.

  8. Gregory Rodzenko

    First time watching your videos. Really nice effort as to imagery, graphics, script, and your voice. Most engineers are poor communicators! I’m painfully aware of this with 40+ years as a civil engineer in water resources & flooding, along with 14 years in Engineers Without Borders.

  9. gotta ask,Grady,are you related to Matt.of diesel creek?

  10. Leave the Bison alone. They’re the most dangerous thing in the park. Second being the Møøse.

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