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When “normal folks” think of custom automobiles, they think of West Coast Customs, thanks principally to MTV’s early 2000s hit show, “Pimp My Ride.” Each week, West Coast Customs transformed beaters into cartoonish reflections of their owners’ personas, filled to capacity with nutty mods. Almost 2 decades later, West Coast Customs continues to be on TV, they have expanded around the world, and they have their own roller coaster! How has a shop famous for installing monitors on every flat surface available remained relevant for so long? How did they get there in the first place? And why do so many celebrities turn to them for custom work? Join James Pumphrey for the lowdown on the world’s most famous auto shop, West Coast Customs.

Props to Guilherme Lopes (@_glopes on the gram) for the dope editing.

Thanks to Raghav Arumugam for the animations.
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  1. That Carl Jung reference blew my mind

  2. bitelaserkhalif 平家boy

    Next: LCD install to steering wheel

  3. O yeah and this is how the rice’s we’re born

  4. Bricks and Pieces

    13:48 me

  5. 13:55 lmao yes

  6. Power Block yeah!

  7. Saw a video about that like 5 years ago. They never fixed the cars engine or did anything else. They didn’t do anything to things which wasn’t visible in the show. Many of these cars weren’t even driveable at all etc.

  8. Up to speed idea: Paul Walker

  9. KAZAAM! lolol

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